Committee members are voted on by oversight through the Wake of Fame Chairperson whom investigates the backgrounds of nominees for committee participation. The Chairperson then presents the background information and the present committee members approve by concuss of 85% vote for inclusion.

Committee members are volunteers who will support for a one year tenure with no compensation and are expected to uphold the integrity and values of the spirit of the rules and protect them throughout the processes of investigation, nomination and voting.

Committee members may leave at anytime by submitting a letter of resignation noting the reasons for departure. Committee member positions are annual.

Committee members are to be unbiased in their views and opinion and based on the facts supplied make the best choices for the preservation of historical dialogue and accuracy.

Members must participate through the voting process via internet submission and must be present at key meetings online by checking in on the group program page, using the downloadable files and represented data for review.

Committee members are automatically inducted the year they are accepted. Committee members are added by their peers based on their character and investment in the preservation of the sport.

If you are interested in participating on the committee and believe you have the proper qualifications please use your contact form on this websit.