In 2015 I was asked be a Committee Member for The Wake of Fame. I was being inducted that year for Lifetime Achievement Award. Shawn Alladio had a great idea to Honor People in the Jet Ski Industry and start from the very Beginning Years of the Sport.

Wake of Fame had already been honoring those in the Watercraft Rescue efforts around the World and she wanted to start covering the Historical side of the Sport. I was quite honored to be selected to be included in the selective group.

I’d have to say, I fit right into this position with my very Fortunate timing starting in the sport. It all started by working at Kawasaki in the Parts Department, 1970.

It was an exciting place to work with a very family atmosphere. In 1972 Friends and I were at the Colorado River and I saw my very first Jet Ski being tested right before my eyes.

I wiggled my way into part time testing of the craft. I got totally hooked. I grew up in a recreation atmosphere so I couldn’t help but introduce everyone I saw to the new product.  I loved seeing the joy people got from this challenging sport.

I went into Jet Ski Marketing and Sales and traveled the country for Kawasaki doing shows and Demos days. My image was used on posters and brochures for the advertising of the sport. One lucky guy, I’ll tell you.

So, enough of my background, let's get to the present. I now spend my time riding and showing new people to our sport information on the History of the Sport. I work at a portable display of original skis and historical race skis that we set up at major events in the U.S.

Many of my lifelong friends have come from this sport along with many brand new young friends that want to catch this fever, this Jet Ski Fever and I am Happy to infect them with the cautionary warning that “ There is No Cure!”

Every year we start working on the next generation of people who have made this such a great sport. I am so honored to be working on the project. I love the product, the people and the sport.

I invite you all to come to the awards presentations annually and learn more of this sport and the people who helped start it and move it forward. Meet the people that have raced skis, promoted them, done it for movies or stunt shows and television or just went out and rode jet Skis because they are a blast.

They are a great group of people and friends.

Catch That Fever!