Hiroshi Yamaoka is a pinch hitter for boating safety and education in Japan.  He is passionate about the industry on many levels. He's a certified Course Marshal and instructor.  He has been on a team mission to help preserve life and reduce boating accidents in Japan along with K38 Japan and RWCAJ.  

Hiroshi has traveled the world to teach, learn and share information with others in the community.  He is a careful and conscientious committee member who believes in the preservation of the history of both the recreational and occupational communities.

Creative and strategic innovator, solving unique problems associated with Personal Water Craft educational standards, professional development for water safety and rescue applications utilizing a Rescue Water Craft (RWC). Through leadership and instruction a continual curiosity to improve, learn and inspire our next boating generation to strive for the horizon and beyond is the ethos of my personal and professional motivation


Safe Boating Educator

The president of Seasite Co.,Ltd. owns and runs Kai-Rakuen Marina in Hiroshima Japan. The dealer and certified mechanic of PWC and boat manufacturers. A teacher of boating school for National PWC license since its beginning in 2003. A Boat and Personal Watercraft Operator since 1998. A Rescue Water Craft Instructor providing skills and knowledge for Japan Coast Guard, Japan Transport Safety Board, Fire Depts., Life Guards and recreational users


Water Safety Management

A Rescue Water Craft Operator since 2007 providing water safety for water sports events such as Miyajima Int'l Triathlon

Rescue Watercraft Association Japan