Mr. Jun Abe is a survivor of the Great East Japan Earthquake (The Great Tsunami) which occurred on March 11th, 2011.

Jun, a Miyagi native, joined the Maritime Self-Defense Force (Japanese Coast Guard) after graduating from high school.  He then became an instructor/trainer for the newly joined military members in Yokosuka Japan for the Maritime Self-Defense Force.

After retiring from the military, Jun started a Diving Company to educate young divers on water safety standards. As an active member of promoting water safety, he also gained the positions of the following:

-Member of the Red Cross Water Safety Instructor

-Life Jacket Research Member Instructor

-Board Member of the Float and Wait Non-Profit Organization

After surviving a near death experience of the Tsunami and subsequent recovery of life after the Tsunami, he has become more active with his work of maritime safety. He travels all over the world, sharing his experience of the disaster and sharing survival methods of “Float and Wait”.

The president of Asahi Diving Works Co.,Ltd., Mr. Jun Abe is one of K38 Japan’s esteemed colleagues for water and boating safety.

He was a diver of Japan Defence Force and became an entrepreneur providing professional diving service to the government agencies and private companies.  His company provides water survival training for seaman’s under the Solas Convention.

Mr. Jun Abe is a board member of the Society of Water Rescue and Survival and teaches the unique water survival technique through elementary schools to the National University such as Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology.

He provided a presentation at the International Boating and Water Safety Summit (IBWSS 2016) in San Diego, California, USA about his survival experience of the Tsunami.

Proceeds of his presentation can be found here: IBWSS Past Proceedings San Diego 2016 Page 10http://www.ibwss.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/2016_proceedings.pdf

His survival story is also found here:  https://youtu.be/ZyoLdsqNdLg Last year in Japan he established a new organization with Shawn Alladio, who is the founder of K38 and one of the starting members of Rescue Water Craft Association (RWCA).  The RWCJA is called Rescue Watercraft Association Japan, and the mission is to provide professional boat operations trainings for setting up the boating and safety standards in Japan.

We work in partnership to develop the delivery of a unique program in Japan for the promotion of the Japan Boating and Water Safety Summit (JBWSS) in association with The Ministry of Land and Transportation and Japan Coast Guard.

Mr. Jun Abe is teaching water safety skills to Fire Prevention Agencies, Police Departments and Japan Defense Force personnel for a variety of water activity as an instructor; not only shoreside but also for swiftwater and flood from his knowledge base after the events after his personal experience with the Great Tsunami.

Mr. Jun Abe is foremost interested in the research and discovery of the best products and modern services for water and boating safety.

Mr. Jun Abe is a trustworthy person as a businessman and one of the highest respected professional in the Japanese water related industries. I trust that you will have great confidence in Mr. Jun Abe’s vision and abilities.

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