Committee members are voted on by oversight through the Wake of Fame Chairperson whom investigates the backgrounds of nominees for committee participation. The Chairperson then presents the background information and the present committee members approve by concuss of 85% vote for inclusion. Committee members are volunteers who will support for a one year tenure with no compensation and are expected to uphold the integrity and values of the spirit of the rules and protect them throughout the processes of investigation, nomination and voting.

Committee members may leave at anytime by submitting a letter of resignation noting the reasons for departure. Committee member positions are annual.

Committee members are to be unbiased in their views and opinion and based on the facts supplied make the best choices for the preservation of historical dialogue and accuracy.

Members must participate through the voting process via internet submission and must be present at key meetings online by checking in on the group program page, using the downloadable files and represented data for review.

Committee members are automatically inducted the year they are accepted for the Jet Ski category. Committee members are added by their peers based on their character and investment in the preservation of the sport.


Wake of Fame candidates are highly scrutinized. A supporter of the Personal Water Craft community or fan may nominate any qualified person who falls under the categories outline in the By Laws of the Wake of Fame nomination process.

If you would like to be considered for participation on one of the committees, please use our contact information page on this website. Thank you.

Each nominee will be processed according to a completed nomination form that is fact checked for veracity.

It is important that all submissions are completed with the required data to be selected. Indeed only the true elite are inducted into the Wake of Fame.


Voting shall be based upon the criteria laid out for each nominee category and any submitted or available records or documentation regarding performance, integrity, sportsmanship, character, ability, and other contributions of which the nominee candidate was being screened for.


Elections are conducted through two processes. Either by committee selection by ballot, or through various committee commissions with written submission forms.

Some years categories may not have any nominations if there are no worthy contributors for the category selection.


The results of the election shall be certified by a representative of Rescue Water Craft Association (RWCA) and/or the Wake of Fame committee. The results shall be transmitted to the Personal Water Craft community, its associates, affiliates and supporters and shall jointly release the results for publication and release.

The award recipients shall receive a written letter, digital certificate, internet profile and data sheet covering their biography and background participation. A select few nominees shall receive an award at a pre-determined awards ceremony.


The committee duly authorized representative of the Wake of Fame Awards shall prepare, date and submit ballots to each elector during the latter part of November.

The elector shall sign and return the completed ballot no later than December 31st of each year, unless an emergency occurs and there is a postponement. The final tabulated vote shall then be duly authorized by the Wake of Fame representative.

Those selected will received a digital and/or printed document of their certification of election as an official inductee into the Wake of Fame awards. Committee members receive a Certificate of Participation listing them as a historian or committee member.


Each nomination cycle is proposed to qualified members to propose no more than 20 eligible and noteworthy representatives of the Personal Water Craft community whom are worthy of Wake of Fame honors. To be enshrined a nominee must have a 75% or more of the voters ballots or be one of the selected nominees during the voting phase that rates the highest percentile cast by votes.

Nominees are removed from the ballot if they fail to be recognized with 10% of the vote or 5 times without being elected. Policy changes may apply annually.

WAKE OF FAME - Veterans & Safety Committee

A group of Hall of Fame members and other personal water craft veterans charged with induction of persons who were not voted in by the WOF committee; representative of safety and community contributions and or values.

INDUCTION for Wake of Fame

To qualify for the ballot a 1st Generation Personal Water Craft nominee must have made a significant contribution through participation, design, manufacturing or competition leading up to the year 1979.

To qualify for a Rescue Water Craft award, all nominations must follow the guidelines set forth in the nomination document. No incomplete submissions will be accepted.


The Board of Directors and or/committee members representing the Wake of Fame awards reserves the rights to amend, revoke or alter these rules at any time.


Rescue Water Craft Association is a 501c(3) non-profit organization


To create a coalition and safety culture of professionals worldwide to increase and sustain the level of professionalism for rescue purposes, competitions, water safety and overall craft operations.  The RWCA strives to work with partners in boating and water safety promoting proper use, education, outreach programs and to assist in training standards and shared resources with our partners and members.


RWCA’s mission is to bring together members representing the water rescue community, waterway users and vessel operators from a variety of international communities both recreational and occupational and to promote modern safe practices and share educational updates and standards.


RWCA’s vision is to serve as the leading alliance to promote operational standardization, reduce mishaps and risk of injury or death for professionals and recreational enthusiasts.  RWCA programs will offer solutions to waterway users from occupational public safety to the recreational boater through accredited certified training programs.

The RWCA will promote modern standards, education utilizing the best practices in program activity and modern safety management.  RWCA has chapters in North America and Japan.

  1. Wake of Fame Awards
  2. The History of Jet Skis
  3. The History of Rescue Water Craft
  4. PWC Registry


  • A nomination is sent to the Wake of Fame Chairman and committee membership.
  • If it is complete, it is processed. These nominations are accompanied by detailed information about the nominee and his or her accomplishments.
  • The committee organizes the data and presents a voting system based off the criteria
  • Votes go through several rounds and are noted
  • The finalists under the categories are selected
  • The Chairman or represented committee members sends notice of the nomination to the nominee.
  • The Chairman or represented committee members indicates to the nominee what information is available at this point.
  • The nominee returns a notice of acceptance to the Chairman or committee membership, accepting or declining nomination.
  • If the nominee accepts nomination, the completed form affirms WOF induction at the allocated time and location with the details therein
  • The nominee understands that there will be social media mention of their accomplishments using video, text and photo documentation.
  • Additional documentation provided by the nominee for preservation online
  • Nominees who have confirmed their status will receive information on travel, location of event, and what their role and responsibilities are after submission documentation is complete and biographies are received and verified for accuracy
  • If a nominee declines their nomination, the committee will refer to the nomination voting list and nominate the next nominee that was in line for induction
  • Nominees that were on the voting list can be automatically furloughed to the next voting year as candidates permitting they match induction criteria