To create a coalition and safety culture of professionals worldwide to increase and sustain the level of professionalism for rescue purposes, competitions, water safety and overall craft operations.  The RWCA strives to work with partners in boating and water safety promoting proper use, education, outreach programs and to assist in training standards and shared resources with our partners and members.


RWCA’s mission is to bring together members representing the water rescue community, waterway users and vessel operators from a variety of international communities both recreational and occupational and to promote modern safe practices and share educational updates and standards.


RWCA’s vision is to serve as the leading alliance to promote operational standardization, reduce mishaps and risk of injury or death for professionals and recreational enthusiasts.  RWCA programs will offer solutions to waterway users from occupational public safety to the recreational boater through accredited certified training programs.

The RWCA will promote modern standards, education utilizing the best practices in program activity and modern safety management.  RWCA has chapters in North America and Japan.

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The Wake of Fame is a Program of the RWCA honoring our Personal Water Craft Heritage