We have an esteeemed group of committed historians and purists of the sport and water rescue professionals from around the world who work hard at the preservation of the sport, culture and actions of those who have contributed to these amazing rides, times and rescues!  

Please check out the committee member profiles and get to know these folks who are preserving this esteemed heritage. They represent an incredible pedigree and I am honored to call them friends.

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Ahoy!  Welcome to the Wake of Fame page.  My name is Shawn Alladio. It is nice to know you have interest in the WOF awards and the amazing people behind them.  I am the creator of the WOF but it does not rest on my vision, it is held by our esteemed committee in honor of those who are enshrined on these pages.

I started riding a stand up Kawasaki Jet Ski 400 in the winter of 1978-1979. The first time I saw a Jet Ski on the water was at Newport Beach, California. I watched 2 men carry one from the back of a Ranchero I think, across the sand and put it into the surf right next to the pier. A large crowd grew to watch.  I was a kid who grew up on the beach, which was a family tradition for several generations. I was a surfer at this time and I owned a Suzuki RM 250 with a metal gas tank, remember those?

I watched them ride with great enthusiasm, jumping waves near the surfers, falling and losing the Jet Ski.  Sometimes it would circle back and they get back on the Jet Ski and do it again. I told myself that if I dropped my Suzuki from that height I would be buying a new foot peg or tank for sure. I thought to myself 'wow this is really safe'. LOL I wanted to get one because I thought it was save money on repairs comparing it to my bike.  Well that wasn't right I soon found out LOL.

We were just stepping out of the Vietnam War and a lot of things were changing fast. Southern California was the place to be.  It was a Groovy time and we could ride anywhere and we did. The Jet Ski was the most exciting thing to happen to boating since water skis were invented.

I learned to ride with Steve Dominugez and Mark Butler and their crew at Golden Shores in Long Beach, California near the Queen Mary.  We spent many a weekends at the Colorado River in Blythe and were invited to attend many of the great fun 'happening events' that were taking place everywhere at the time. Most memorable were the times spent with Ed Losinskis tribe and cast of characters.  Remember the Easter Egg Hunt?  Wow... amazing memories.

I like many who loved the sport began to compete at regional events and fun events. I enjoyed my hobby of racing during those early years and met incredible athletes, many of these friendships are still going strong 38 years later and quite a few are still invested in the sport they love.  I still compete but only on offshore endurance races on a runabout.  We have 5 stand up Jetskis still today.

Nowadays I operate an international water rescue business called K38.  We started up an awards program in 2004 in Morro Bay, California. We merged the concept to inclue the factual heritage of the sport and for the rescue community to have an accurate and true account of the sport and the use of Rescue Water Craft (Personal Water Craft) for rescue, patrol and training.  

The folks who started the RWC concept began in the 1970's and they are due their recognition. I witnessed others making claim to be the founder or creator and being in the industry from my entire lifetime I knew those claims were not true. We were going to make it right.  The founding fathers paved the way for the modern users and if we don't know our history, we don't know who we are.

Likewise the Wake of Fame for the first generation riders was created when I saw my friends whom I have a tremendous amount of respect for not receiving the recognition they deserved for contributing to the growth and outreach of this incredible power sport.  This bothered me greatly as they were my heroes growing up and a hero is not somebody you let down.

The Wake of Fame awards are critical to the preservation and honor of their incredible contributions on both levels: Safety & Recreation.  It is vital that we protect their legacy and keep the history chronological and intact. 

We are honoring the first generation contributors first for induction into the Wake of Fame.  These are digital online awards.  We also honor those who have passed away and continue to contribute to thier memories.

The Wake of Fame is a program under the Rescue Water Craft Association, a non-profit member association.  This program encompasses the History of Jet Skis and the History of Rescue Water Craft to ensure that the legacies of those visionaries live on in perpetuity.

We have also created the only PWC Registry. This is a program where authenticity is accredited to the builds, rides, memorbilia and art of the sport.

Thank you for visiting and please consider nominating a credible person to the Wake of Fame or to the PWC Registry.

We appreciate you interest in preserving the facts, rides, stories and characters of this incredible community!