There is a 7 part process for the Wake of Fame induction and committee membership. This is a voluntary group of respected individuals and professionals who invest in honoring their respective communities and those who created the legacies we intend to celebrate.

Nomination Process

  1. Nominations
  2. Screening
  3. Committee Vote
  4. Elections
  5. Time of Election
  6. Certificate of Election
  7. Amendments (bylaws)


Charged with the vital task of preserving and documenting the international history of Personal Water Craft through iconic or noteworthy participants. Committee members are entrusted with the responsibility to define and nominate worthy selectees.

To participate as a Committee selector participant; Membership is based off of induction into the Wake of Fame as a ‘voting’ member or other highly recognized community participation by their individual contributions.

Committee members must have 30 years of experience or more in the Personal Water Craft community and 15 in the Rescue Water Craft community. Detailed biographies are reviewed and investigated for veracity and authenticity.

  • PWC community:  Up to a ten member volunteer committee
  • RWC community:  Up to a ten member volunteer committee

Once submissions are required, a list is compiled of nominees for the respective categories. The committee works quietly on the selection process with assigned duties and tasks.

Votes are narrowed down through the selection process through debate and investigation based on eligibility.

Significant affirmative votes are part of the selection process.

The winning nominees, if they accept their induction, must submit a response letter regarding their acceptance or voluntarily attend the Wake of Fame ceremony. If a nominee rejects their induction, the Wake of Fame inducts the next highest vote recipient off the official voting list. If a nominee declines their induction for two consecutive years without a legitimate reason, the nominee will not be eligible for the ballot for another five years